Is Internet an opportunity or a disadvantage for classical shops?

It is true that the commerce has been changing from the middle age to nowadays along the years, but right now,

If you are on the dole maybe you have the opportunity to be self employed. Although you do not have to do a big investment, you will have to work a lot of hours in your new job. However, the benefits will be the price to that effort.

Furthermore, if you are a specialized shop, you have the chance to grow and sell your products or services to other people far away of your trading zone. Your products will reach other clients who live in the other part of your country.

To success in creating a e-shop, you have to give accurate information to the customer and in addition, you need to study every day what people are demanding.

In my opinion you have to focus your research in those products that are different from the classical products offered by big online shops such as: customized products, local products or special hand made products.

If you are thinking that this is what you are doing now in your neighbourhood and it’s working, maybe it will also work on the Internet.

To conclude, think about adapting your business to the Internet. Needless to say that you will have to look for a good and cheap courier agent, a bank connection, a Paypal account, be online every time, etc.

Nombre del artículo
Is Internet an opportunity or a disadvantage for classical shops?
The e-commerce is also changing offering opportunities for those who dare to spend their time, effort and money. In this post we offer the keys to success.

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