How to enlarge the life of your batteries?

Nowadays almost all batteries are made of lithium. Lithium batteries are different than the former (nickel metal hydride) because these However, the more cycles you make to them, the more heat they get, the more life that they have, the less power they supply.

What is a discharge cycle?
Basically, a cycle is a complete discharge of your battery when it is charged. A charge-discharge can be considered as a cycle.

In their first year of life, the batteries have a good performance but it is proved than over 250 cycles, batteries begin to loose their power. Contrary to popular belief, discharge completely a lithium battery is bad for it because you are shorten its life. As a matter of fact, partial discharges does not harm lithium batteries.

High temperatures shorten the life of your battery. It is a fact that a battery working over 30 degrees reduces its life.

A total charge of your battery also reduces the life of your battery because a cell over 4,10 volt is suffering.

Do not charge your battery to 100% if you don’t want to ruin it.

Do not work with your device always connected to the current. A lot of systems refuel the battery when the charge lowers to a certain level.

It is a fact that ultra-quick chargers produce estres to the battery and reduces its life.

In conclusion. If you want to prevent the life of your battery, follow the next advices:

  • Do not keep your device battery charged to 100% nor completely discharged. A 40% – 60% is the proper charge (the same as you receive when you buy it new).
  • Do not charge always your device battery to 100% if it is made of lithium.
  • Do not discharge to 0% your device battery.
  • And the last advice. Avoid to have your device battery over 30 degrees.
  • Source:
    Batery University

    How to enlarge the life of your batteries?
    Nombre del artículo
    How to enlarge the life of your batteries?
    Lithium batteries have a mechanism that avoids the memory effect and theoretically they live forever. Here you have advices to enlarge the life of them.

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