Should 3D printers change the medecine?

Never had Dustin imagined that a 3D printer would be as important in his job. Dustin is a surgeon in the Hospital for special surgery in New York. His patients are children, athletes, elderly people, etc.

Dustin is the fact that 3D printers are a powerful tool in experts hands.

With the 3D printers, experts now speak about bioprinting, and what is bioprinting? Bioprinting is a technique used to print parts of the body. The result will depend on the material used to print the object.

For example, with bioprinting a specialized company can print eyes quicker and cheaper than using manual techniques. Using old-fashion techniques, an eye can take week to experts to be finished, with a price of 3000 euros. With a 3D printer, the same eye takes hours and the price will be only 150 euros.

Nowadays, elderly people have more posibilities of living a better life with 3D printers because experts are trying to print cartilage and tisues. Cartilage avoid the pain and let you move better because the joints are now better lubricated.

Another improvement is the manufactoring of custom made prothesis. With this technique the custom made prothesis fits better, the recovery is shorter and the final result awsome.

Many surgeons now use printed objects made specially for an specific surgery. This printed object let the surgeon finish the surgery quicker with a better result.

On the other hand, there are people that expect more from 3D printing like to print human organs. However, the reality is that to print complex structures we will need years of researching and improvement.

As far a I am concerned, I am completely sure that in the future, bioprinting and 3D printing will improve the medicine, orthopaedics and other fields related to the human health. In the next few years we will read news about how 3D printing save and improve lives.

Should 3D printers change the medecine?
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Should 3D printers change the medecine?
The 3D printers offer a lot of possibilities in many fields especially in medicine. Surgeons, orthopedists and other professionals use 3D printers as powerful tool in their daily job.

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