shell script

shell scripts examples. Resolved exercises

1. Make a script that checks if the current user of the system is manolo, if so greet him, if not say goodbye.


2. Make a script to check if today is the 25th, if so show «October 25 FU FU FU».


3. I have a keyword in a file. Make a script that shows if the word is «myfpschool» or not.


4. Make a script that checks if the second column of a file containing only one line contains the word myfpschool.


5. Make a script that checks if the first three columns of a file (which contains only one line) are identical or different.


6. Do the same thing but considering that the file is compressed with gzip.


7. I have a three files tar. Make a script that creates a file toatoa.gz with the lines of the three files that contains the string «Te nesecito».


8. I have a personahes.gz file containing two columns < name country>. You want to know the name of the citizens of «chiquitistan». File Example:
John holland
Pedro chiquitistan
Ramiro russia
Josue denmark


9. You are asked to make a script that shows the lines of a file containing either the words «uno»and «dos», no matter without going in case.


10. Idem but the previous file containing the word «a» at the beginning of sentences.


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