Is it worth to buy a chinese smartphone?

As you know we are surrounded by waves and almost all of that waves are made in China. In Spain there are more smartphones than citizens and most of those smartphones are the tipical chinese mobile.

A lot of people wonder if is it worth to buy a chinese smartphone or is better to buy one of a reputed brand.

The chinese smartphones has a very strong reason to convince the buyer: their price. The price sometimes is half of the price of the same product of a good brand.

As I was saying, some chinese smartphones have the same processor, the same camera, the same mainboard, the same screen, … of other more expensive mobiles.

For users that prefer to change their mobile every year, buying a chinese smartphone is an inexpensive way to do it. In addition, those users do not suffer from the obsolescence of having a deprecated smartphone, they are not going to repair it if they break it or they are not going to look for their mobile if they loose it. They just buy another one with the last hardware and the most recent firmware.

On the other hand, other users (for example geeks and companies) prefer to buy proven products with support and guarantee. When the security is important is better to buy a smartphone of a big company because their developer team use to upgrade the firmware with the latest security patches.

Secondly, there are users that prefer the iOS operating system and none of the chinese smartphones support that firmware.

Thirdly, in case of repairing always is better to have a known mobile model because screens, batteries and other components are available on the Internet.

And finally, some wearables work better with smartphones of the same make. It is better to have the hardware and software of the same company because you will get the best performance and the latest functionalities.

To conclude, to buy a smartphone of an important brand depends on your budget and the kind of user that is going to use it. From my point of view, for children and beginners in smartphones, the choice is crystal clear but in the end you have the final choice.

Is it worth to buy a chinese smartphone?
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Is it worth to buy a chinese smartphone?
In this post we discuss if it is worth to buy a chinese smartphone or not. We will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages.

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