Roles or figures of a software project

perfilSoftware architect.
Is the person who decides how the project will be developed. He has a thorough knowledge of technologies, frameworks, libraries, etc. He decides how many resources and how the project will be carried on by the team.

perfilProject manager.
He commands the project. A lot of times he is an experienced analyst, a software architect or a special person dedicated to that post. He knows how to manage a team, manage times, he has a fluent relationship with the client, etc.

perfilSystems analyst.
It’s a traditional role in the development of software. He is an experienced person who is in charge of doing the analysis and design of the whole sistem.
Experience is the most important quality of an analyst because he has to meet with the client, establish the project’s requisites, etc.

It’s a job in between an analyst and a programmer. It can be a senior programmer. He does part of the analyst job and he also programs. In tiny or medium projects he could do both functions (analyst and programmer).

He has to know the programming language in deep. He has to program all task received by an analyst or an analyst-programmer.


Clasify the next task and others selected from you into the differents roles described before.
Here you have some tasks:

  • Load the database with sample data.
  • Interview a client to establish the requisites of the system.
  • Select the development tools.
  • Select the programming language.
  • Unitary testing.
  • Final testing.
  • Create the skeleton of the database.
  • Establish the requisites of the project.
  • Show the first release of the project to the cliente.
  • Technical documentation.
  • User documentation.
  • You can also select the stage of the software developent of every task. You should create a table with three columns: task, stage and role.

    Roles or figures of a software project
    Nombre del artículo
    Roles or figures of a software project
    This post describes the roles involved in a typical software development. Project manager, software architect, analyst and programmer.

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