Nomophobia. Mobile addiction. Do a quiz to know if you suffer from nomophobia.

Mobile came once in our lives to stay. Some years ago when we had a «dumb» terminal we did not worry much about mobile addiction. We looked at it from time to time when we received a message or to check the time…

Nowadays, with smartphones everything has changed. We are becoming increasingly addicted to them and to us are a must. In this post you can do a test to see if you suffer from «nomophobia» or what is the same «mobile addiction»:

Important: count how many times you answer «yes» to the following questions:

1. When you send a message via whatsapp, you always expect to double check. If not you re-open the terminal to review it after a while.
2. Before going to bed, you always check the mobile to see if you have messages or notifications.
3. You wake up early in the morning to play games, send messages, update profiles, … with your mobile phone.
4. If you leave home without your mobile, you always come back to pick it up. No matter if you arrive late for an appointment.
5. You have fear of running out of battery.
6. When you have low battery, you close applications or disable certain phone options like WiFi, Bluetooth, …, so you don’t run out of battery.
7. You suffer from anxiety when you have missed calls. You always call that numbers and worry if they do not respond.
8. You look at your mobile coverage when you are somewhere with friends, waiting, etc.
9. You use to do something else while you look at mobile as eating, brushing teeth, etc.
10. You always go to the bathroom with your mobile.

1-5 affirmative questions: You don’t have anything to worry about.
6-7 affirmative questions: You are starting to have signs of dependence on mobile. You can use techniques such as turning off the phone when you do not need it, when you are sleeping, etc.
7-8 affirmative questions: You have a great dependence on your mobile. You should follow a plan of «detox» mobile such as leave the phone at home when you go shopping, turn it off overnight, turn it off during class or work, etc.
9-10 affirmative questions: Your dependence symptoms are very disturbing. Besides all the techniques in the previous sections you should consider a detox plan that consists of mobile being one or two weeks without use. If you see that you can not do it by yourself, look for help from a professional.

Written by Juan Carlos Moreno. Revised by Jack Wooley.

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