Digital Marketing and SEO

Marketing Objectives

  • Long term consumer satisfaction ???
  • Know the consumer’s wishes and create products / services
  • Stimulate those desires.

Market segmentation

  • Impossible to reach the whole world.
  • Divide the population into groups:
    • Homogeneous themselves and heterogeneous with other groups
    • Identifiable.
    • Accessible and you can develop an offer for them.
    • Profitable.


  • Identify the competitors.
  • Study their goals.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • What about new competitors or potential competitors?

Similar products. Substitute products.

  • Different technology but they have the same function.
  • Android vs. iOS
  • Windows vs Linux vs Mac OS
  • You have to monitor technological evolution

The strategies of the companies

  • Be the leader in costs. Hairdresser low cost in avda Juan Carlos I
  • Differentiation. Meizu, Xiaomi and other Chinese mobile companies.
  • Diversification. Get into new sectors (Apple in music, entertainment ….)

One shot marketing

  • Offer or campaign that only lasts a day or a few hours.
  • They seek to provoke a compulsive reaction in the consumer -> Skip or reduce the time to think
  • For example: Express51 from PcComponentes


Marketing one to one

For mass marketing all customers are the same.
For marketing one to one it is basic to know in depth the customer and their habits.
Big data and new technologies.
Machine learning.
Customize the Marketing.
Personalized relationship with the client.

Marketing one to one. Facebook

  • Facebook knows where you are:
  • By the IP of your devices
  • By using your mobile’s GPS
  • Because sometimes you tell them
  • Because you check in at a place and you give a like
  • Facebook has a list of things about you.
  • They “only” keep records of 98 things about you.
  • To see the whole list visit the following link:


  • Upselling is a strategy widely used by many online shopping websites.
  • Not only products also services.
  • Offer some related product or packs.
  • Objective: increase sales.
  • Ex. Burger king: «Do you want more potatoes and a big drink for only 0.60 cents?»

Retargeting or remarketing

  • Offer AGAIN a product for which you have shown some interest AND YOU DIDN’T BUY.
  • The target or target audience is smaller.
  • Conversion rates are higher.
  • Spending on conversion is lower.

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