Airport and Transport vocabulary

When you are in the Airport you have be ready for the:
Arrival / departure time

Asking for the information desk:
Would you mind to tell me where is the information desk, please?

To commute:
Is to make the same journey regularly between work and home.
It is very exhausting commuting from Estepona to Malaga every day.

When you are in the airport maybe the the customs officer will tell you:
Show me your passport, please!

And you will have to answer:
l’m here on vacation (or on holidays)

Are you traveling alone?
No, l’m traveling with my family

In the customs at the airport (or the border)….
The customs officer ask you: Anything to declare?
No, I have nothing to declare

In the airport if you have got a lot of baggage, why don’t you use the baggage cart. It will be much easy to take everything with you.

You want to buy a ticket:
How much is a one-way ticket to Madrid?

You can say plane or aircraft.

A journey in an aircraft is a flight.

When you buy a plane ticket, you can buy a:
First class / Business class / Economy class
It depends on your budget.

In the airport maybe you will ask in the information desk for:
What time does the plane take off?
What time does the plane land?

In the Check-in you will have to show your ticket so that you can be told where you will be sitting.

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